Thick sheets

Thick plates have a wide use in the manufacture of parts and landmarks in the area:


  • tools production
  • engineering
  • shipbuilding
  • pressure vessels
  • automotive industry, etc.

Amari Romania SRL has different alloys covering most areas of application of thick plates. If you are not sure which of our alloys meet your requirements, please contact us.

Thick sheets (plates) of ENAW 5754 - AlMg3 3.3535

FIELDS OF APPLICATION: alloy steel sheets are used for making parts of machines and machine tools subject to small claims. Applications include various media for electronics, components for packaging machines, medical devices (artificial breathing equipment) and equipment for the food industry.


Weldability: excellent with TIG / MIG filler material AA5554, AA5183, AA5356

Anodizing: Technical - excellent, decorative - good

Machining: Good

Corrosion resistance: excellent in normal environment

Thick sheets (plates) of EN AW 5083 - AlMg4.5Mn0.7 - 3.3547


- thick sheets of alloy ENAW 5083 - AlMg4, 5Mn0, 7 are used for parts of equipment and machinery, which are subject to media requests. Examples include car parts and welded assemblies, shipbuilding pressure vessels, equipment subject to low temperatures, etc.


- Weldability: excellent with TIG/MIG filler, AA5183, AA5356

- Anodizing: Technical-excellent decorative - environment

- Machining: Good

- Corrosion resistance: excellent in normal environment


- Tin alloy sheets are available in state ENAW 5083 A / H 111 (mechanical hardness obtained at cold).

- Common Size: 1520 x 3020 mm

- Thickness 8-150 mm and over 150 mm only on request

- Maximum width: 2000 mm

Precision Table + protective film GS 27 - EN AW 5083

If technical or manufacturing limitation require the use of high-precision machined metal plate, then the right choice is board GS 27. In terms of processing and use, lack of internal tensions, and allows for machining (cutting, drilling, milling, etc.). To make high speed against a steel plate having the same thickness. Thus, it reduces manufacturing time of that device. Welding is possible with the TIG / MIG. Anodization is excellent for both decorative purposes and technical. High precision plates meet rigorous requirements of size and form tolerances, that the rules prescribed by the manufacturer for mechanical characteristics. Of thick plates marketed by our company, the board GS 27 has field tolerance closest to the thickness ( +/- 0.1 mm) and the flatness (max 0.15 - 0.35 mm / m), offering a great flatness of surface quality material obtained by face milling and protect them with foil.

- Suitable for execution control panels, motherboards, parts subject to media requests, etc.

- Faces are milled and protected sheet with foil, which further lowers the costs of finishing the pieces performed.

Thick plates (plates) of ENAW 6082 - AlSi1MgMn - 3.2315

ENAW 6082 aluminum alloy is an alloy with a wide range of use. In this material are running a huge variety of industrial profiles (round bars, rectangular, drawn or extruded, profiles, plates, etc) profiles that match the most stringent quality requirements and European quality standards to ensure optimal performance permanent operation. The advantages of universal alloy is outstanding especially when the finished products resulting from a process of ASHI, followed by surface treatment.


- ENAW 6082 widespread engineering and in welded construction. Corresponds perfectly to the development of components subjected to fluctuating demands, rotating parts, serving as motherboards of different parts. It can manufacture housings for hydraulic pumps and hydraulic systems parts.


- Perform well at cutting (although the resulting continuous chip spiral) can be anodized, both natural and color, and in terms of weldability is recommended MIG / TIG.

Fairly good resistance to corrosion in normal environment

Thick sheets (plates) of ENAW 2017 - AlCu4MgSi - 3.1325
Thick sheets (plates) of ENAW 7075 - AlZn5.5MgCu - 3.4365
Thick sheets (plates) of ENAW 7022 - AlZn5Mg3Cu - 3.4345

ENAW alloy 7022 is recommended for the manufacture of shaped parts requiring stability, machinability by cutting high mechanical strength.


- This alloy can manufacture motherboards, guides, molds and tooling for plastic molds for blow - eg plastic bottles, parts subject to high demands.


- Higher cutting speed by 40%;

- Faster heat exchange;

- Longer life cutting tools;

- Higher quality of a surfaces.

Saving time and expenses:

- Cutting the alloy leads to better processing speeds higher than steel. This means a shorter production time, more effective use of CNC machines. Often finish is not necessary due to stability in shape.

- High productivity

Increased thermal conductivity of the alloy leads to a rapidly heating / cooling of tools. Good heat distribution ensures uniform temperature of the mold, so the production cycle is shorter. Suitable for manufacturing parts used in plastics processing, where necessary tool surface to be treated by hard chrome plating or anodizing, etc. Also be polished surfaces perfectly.