Thin sheets

Al 99.5 Sheets

This material is pure aluminum, not alloyed, frequently met on the market, it has a high corrosion resistance, and is excellent in terms of anodizing and lacquering. Can be processed easily by plastic deformation, welding is possible only with the same material.

  • Alloy: AL99, 5 (EN AW 1050 A)
  • Status: H14
  • Delivery: Prompt from stock or to order
  • Application: General purpose boards, tapes, coatings...
Anodized Sheets (anodized) of AlMg1

To prevent oxidation of the surface, after which they become dull,  aluminum sheets can be anodized (anodized) to neutral color (natural) or a desired color (in special circumstances). Anodized sheets were designed for decorative purposes. Best used in construction industry both exterior facade and the interior lining and is UV resistant. Sheets made by our company have a natural anodized layer thickness of 15 μm, covered with protective film to protect the display surface.

  • Alloy: AlMg1 (EN AW 5005, EN 485)
  • Elder: H14 on one side anodised 15 µm, with protective film
  • Delivery: Prompt from stock or preordered
  • Application: external and internal architecture, facade coatings, displays, etc.
Sheets of smooth and striated AlMg3
  • Alloy: AlMg3 (EN AW 5754, EN 485)
  • Status: H22
  • Delivery: Prompt from stock or preordered
  • Application: parts submitted to small requests, billboards, front plates, etc.
Sheets of EN AW 6082 - AlSi1MgMn - 3.2315

Aluminum alloy is an alloy with a wide range of use. Aluminum alloy is used to developed a large amount of industrial profiles (round bars, rectangular, drawn or extruded, profiles, plates, etc.) profiles that match the most stringent quality requirements and European quality standards to ensure optimal performance and permanent operation.

The advantages of universal alloy is outstanding especially when the finished products resulting from a process of small pieces cutting, followed by surface treatment.

Areas of use

ENAW alloy 6082 is widespread in the engineering and welded in. Corresponds perfectly to the development of components subjected to fluctuating demands, rotating parts, serving as motherboards of different parts. It can manufacture housings for hydraulic pumps and hydraulic systems parts.


- perform well at cutting (although the resulting continuous chip spiral) can be anodized, both natural and color, and in terms of weldability is recommended MIG / TIG.

Corrosion resistance is good in a normal environment.

Alloy: AlSi1MgMn (EN AW 6082, EN 485)

Status: T6